Composable and Robust
Shell Scripts

Reusing shell scripts is hard as packaging is often complicated by itself and therefore they live scattered all over our disks and when we need a specific one the search begins. is set to improve upon that situation. It can fetch the required script easily from the internet, either at runtime or it can build you a script which embeds all its script dependencies.

While that might sound like it has a few challenges by its own, does so while caching fetched scripts and checking checksums before execution.

# yes, we aim to be POSIX compliant

# loading, if curl+eval is a problem, there are ways to avoid them
eval "$(curl -fsL "")"

# using to load the hello-world module
module "helloWorld" "" "cksum-3769348439"

# executing the loaded module

If you don’t want to rely on an external service: you don’t have to. Actually, there are many reasons to host your scripts on your own server.